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Red Pepper Ground (Cayenne)


Cayenne pepper is a part of practically every cuisine worldwide and is grown in nearly every country. However, the pepper owes its culinary nomenclature to the city of Cayenne in French Guiana. After around 100 days of maturation the fruits are picked bright red and allowed to dry and cure either in the sun or in ovens. Once dried the fruits are ground into a powder. The powder is used on its own or often added to various spice blends for its medium-high heat and neutral flavor.

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Dried Chiles
Recommended Applications
From one of the most pungent of chile peppers, this Ground Cayenne Pepper is derived from the Capiscum Chile. Fantastic in stews, chili, or soups, a bit of Ground Cayenne Pepper can also add a spicy kick to any homemade salsa. Another great use is adding this spice to oils for a rub to apply on your choice of meat.
Taste & Aroma
Product Style
Asian, Cajun, Caribbean, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Pakistani, Thai
Handling / Storage
Store in a cool, dry place
Shelf Life
2 Years
Country of Origin
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None Specified

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