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Black Pepper (Whole)


Black pepper is used as a spice in nearly all the world’s cuisines as a pungent, spicy, heating agent for food due to the presence of capsaicin and piperine. Teasings of citrus and wood also add to black pepper’s allure. Cracked, ground or whole they can be added in nearly any savory recipe.

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Black Peppercorns
Recommended Applications
Easy to use and versatile, Black Peppercorns can be added whole, crushed, or ground. Commonly used to make vinaigrettes, sauces, marinades, or creamy salad dressings.
Taste & Aroma
Hot, Pungent
Product Style
American, Indian
Handling / Storage
Store in a cool, dry place
Shelf Life
2 Years
Country of Origin
Dietary Preferences
Allergen Information
None Specified

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